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‘I am delighted to be opening up the farm for campers, glampers and families seeking an escape to come end enjoy, to share this beautiful hill. I am especially excited to be hosting three Happerley Food Festivals and with the team behind these, headed by Ruth, I am sure they will be a great success.’

Matthew Rymer, Willow Hill.
25 February 2021

Happerley Food Festivals

Happerley Family Food Fests are all about rediscovering the genuine pleasures of life and living – connecting families with food, farming, and wellbeing.

If Covid has a silver lining, it’s realising the planet is finite and we work better as one community that has common values, understanding, and shared joys.

Inclusive and inspirational

It is in this context we are hosting three intimate Festival camps to provide an inclusive and inspirational countryside and camping experience, connecting families to nature, farming, food, and friendship – and above all, fun!

Assisted places – nominate by 30 April 2021

We have tried to make this really affordable and good value. However, we are offering limited assisted places to families nominated by others who have suffered exceptional hardship through COVID. Nominations must be received by 30 April 2021.*

We want to create life changing experiences: please contact Sarah on 01242 222878 in confidence to discuss, or email in the first instance. *Click for terms and conditions

Our hope is to light a touch paper for Happerley Family Food Fests to operate elsewhere next year, connecting families to food to farming and to other families – to help reconnect and share across divides, and truly value what is on our doorstep.

I will be watching these closely, look forward to attending, and I will be considering hosting some of these at our own campsite at the Cotswold Farm Park. Camping can be so much more than a muddy field. Could this be the sustainable future of the all inclusive?

Adam Henson, Farmer and TV presenter

Join us to create an unforgettable family experience and fantastic memories centered around food, farming, and wellbeing.

Festival Lead – Ruth Darling

When she’s not gathering up roaming chickens, Ruth can often be found on Bredon Hill with a terrier in tow, or galloping slightly out of control on a horse called Teapot. Having moved to Gloucestershire from Hampshire 24 years ago, Ruth’s three children have grown up outdoors, mucking about on ponies and enjoying competitive sports. The opportunity for children to soak up and explore the natural environment through play is something Ruth feels passionately about. Always wanting to learn and grow, Ruth’s heart is in home and rural life in this small corner of the world, where she also keeps a few ducks and far too many quail.

Ruth draws on years of experience running events – from shows and fundraisers to product launches and award ceremonies, and everything in between. Having run away from corporate marketing life to enjoy putting together the Family Food Fests, this year is all about connections, conversations and sense of community, preferably with a plate of delicious food eaten al fresco.

About Happerley

Happerley works across the UK food and drink industry to validate provenance for everyone, from farm to plate. Our mission is to turn the UK’s food and drink industry transparent, empowering consumers to know the journey of their food

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