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Severn Safaris

All the events listed will be available to book through our experiences and events shop

Fridays 7.30pm until sunset and beyond

£25 per adult, £15 per child
professional stOrYteller & campfire SUPPER included


We are able to welcome a small quota of non residents with day passes. These can be bought anytime online in advance, subject to availability. £10 per adult £3 per child.  Those who have pre-booked an event will be provided a complimentary pass for the relevant morning, afternoon or evening. Please note, no one without a pass will be admitted. 

Get Sust! Events

Reconnect to yourselves, your planet and your food. Get Sust! weekends and camping events are designed to provide exceptionally fun and (we hope) potentially life changing experiences for singles, couples and families. They run from October to March. Register below for more information.

Get Sust!
Weekend Experiences

Get Sust!
Family Camps

Get Sust!


Get Sust!

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